Hand Knitting a Filey Gansey, Sage Green March 17 2014

Classic with a twist.

Traditional Filey Gansey pattern gets a twist in Sage green.

Our latest Gansey knitted by Katie Banks going to it's new owner

up the coast in Scarborough.


above left close up detail of the underarm gusset decreases

into the purl stitches of the fake side seam, above right front

yolk pattern held on needle. The body has been knitted in

the round up to the under arm gusset. The rest of the chest

& back will be knitted up to the shoulder strap on 2 needles. 

The heavy use of the rope pattern on the Filey Gansey makes

the sweater incredibly dense and warm. Using considerably

more wool then required for plainer stocking stitch.



above right double yarn edge to the body rib.


left image armhole on holder. Right image collar rib,  

note how the yoke rope & step patterns have been

worked to flow straight into the rib above, nice. 

Stocking stitch knit above the hem rib allowing the wearer

to turn the hem upwards.

Rope & Step pattern knitted down the first sleeve on a set 

of 4 short 2.5mm needles. The rest of the sleeve will be

finished in stocking stitch up to the 2x2 rib cuff.

Yolk cable running up perfectly into the 2 x 2 rib collar.

Detail of the tonal colour change in yarn at bottom of sleeve.

Finished Filey Gansey sweater with hem rolled up.