British Made Denim Jeans 1950 May 11 2014

 English..Denim? Yes we even made nice jeans right here in Blighty.

Back in the 1940' & 50's Nayytex where making Jeans in their Manchester factory.


Big with the Teddy Boys / Rockabillies of the 50's, as seen here in the photo above of

two young rebels atop the harbour in Bridlington in the summer of 1964.

Not the finest of back patches, no hot dye stamp branding here.

The label reads British Empire Made 10oz denim.

It's a lovely mid weight and feels great on.

The fit is half way between a regular jean and trouser.

With quite a big rise and sitting higher on waist then it's

modern denim equivalent.

A good size turn up, stay stitched in place to be worn up permanently.

Twin needle and bar-tack for the back pocket on the back of the twill. 

Here are a couple of pairs we made up ourselves in Japanese & Italian

selvedge denim, all done on a single stitch machine.