Vintage Old Town June 13 2013

High above the rooftops with a view of the Priory. A patchwork of workshops, barns &

cottages stretches off into the distance. A corner of Britain where time really has stood

still, separate from the town and the bussle of modern life. 

Much of the Georgian architecture remains at it has been for hundreds of years. 

Now lovingly protected by the Old Town Association and local residents, preserving

a rich slice of Northern life. 

Set away from the Quay a thriving community of the old and new sits side by side,

nestled into twisting Georgian streets, a place where you can still find real character

in the buildings and the people.

Having seen a renaissance in recent years the Old Town continues to thrive with an

eclectic mix of Art Galleries, Antique Stores & Vintage Boutiques.

All photos by Natalie Musgrave, June 2013.