Filey Gansey Third Fitting July 19 2013

A hot day in the studio for trying on our Filey Gansey. It's an all year business

though when each sweater takes upwards of 130hrs to hand knit.

Step & Cable pattern worked down to the elbow. The rest of sleeve will be

finished in plain stocking stitch. Knitted using four needles in the round to

achieve the perfectly seamless fit.

The devils in the details. Pattern matching the 2 x 2 rib collar to the front panel.

The front has been decreased to fit in the new slightly lower crew neck.

The ends of yarn are still left loose at this stage. If the the neck needs

adjusting for fit the whole collar will be pulled back out to be re-knitted.  

With the longer length of the Filey Gansey you have the option of turning up

the body hem, much the same as the classic Flamborough Gansey.

Almost there. The first sleeve is set into the armhole.

Front and back are now joined with a raised shoulder seam for extra strength.