Propagansey Exhibition August 13 2013

An amazing day spent in Glorious Hull at the Maritime Museum.

Propagansey tour pulls into town and blows our socks off.

So many Ganseys so little time. The temptation to rub,touch &

fondle is almost irresistible. Back behind the rope please Sir.

The Gansey sweaters knitted in Scotland are much finer then our own

East Yorkshire Ganseys. Using 4 or even 3ply wool yarn instead of  the

5ply wool we use today. The hand feel is also softer then our worsted wool.

Another big difference is the array of colours in these Fisherman's Gansey

sweaters. Probably dyed by using local dye pigments from the land around

the Moray of Firth and Shetland.  

Leave me here, I think I'm in heaven. Next stop Robin Hoods Bay.

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