Catamaran Sailing South Shore September 23 2013

September sunshine, too good to miss. Wayside Flower tries a day on the wire.

Catamaran sailing lesson 1, Dart Class.

Just lay back and think of England. Assuming the position, Natalie's shown the ropes.

Intake of breath as the sail is winched up into position, she's a big one.

Perfect conditions. The waters as flat as it gets for the North Sea

with only a slight South Easterly breeze of around 10-15 mph.

Ok so it's once around buoy and back to the club house. Course map.

We'll fight them on the beaches, world war two coastal defences Haisethorpe,

more Dads Army then the Hindenburg Line.

Wood houses dotted along the coast line.

Old tea house. 'Out of use' looks like it's out of the 1950's.